The 20 greatest concert moments in Detroit music history

When it comes to music, few cities in the U.S. can boast as much music history as Detroit. For many artists, Detroit has long carried the reputation of being a city with an energetic and hungry crowd. In between tour stops in major cities like Chicago and Toronto, Detroit crowds know how have played host to some incredible, and at times sad, moments in rock music history.

Browse through these 20 greatest concert moments in Detroit music history to see why.

Words by Mike Dionne


Aretha Franklin at Detroit Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts
June 10, 2017
Due to Aretha’s illness and sweltering summer heat, it was uncertain whether this performance would even take place. Aretha sat in a car in front of the venue for over a half hour as the crowd waited in anticipation. Eventually, Aretha would make it to the stage, though she needed help walking to the platform. Many claim the atmosphere was special, collectively acknowledging that what they were witnessing would very likely be the last time.

Aretha passed away one year later on Aug. 16, 2018.
Photo via YouTube screengrab

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